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03 September 2008

First Day Issue: Tierra de los Sueños / the Backpack Adventure thru Quebec, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia by train & ferry

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Sea Serpent from Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus
by Olaus Magnus, 1555.

Friend 1 was the Occidental Mystic Mathematician RamanuJohn,
who lives about 10 minutes from the Portland ferry terminal, crashed me overnight, and then took me to the Downeaster train to Boston North Station.

The Downeaster had the Wi-Fi for my laptop, and it worked!

Friend 2 was RevJJ, who picked me up at North Station and drove me to South Station -- from Portland to Miami, the only non-train Gap requiring car/taxi/bus/hitchhiking in Amtrak's East Coast route. He dumped me at South Station with 15 minutes to catch my train to Springfield. I had just enough time to buy a lobster cloisonee souvenir pin.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

On the ferry they showed the movie "Across the Universe," today's Disneyesque teenagers getting through today's Disneyesque challenges while singing Beatles' songs. This may possibly be the worst motion picture ever made, and that includes "Snakes on a Plane." Several passengers jumped overboard to get away from it. (But they were also showing "Ratatouille," which I like a whole lot. Disney is good at computer-animated rats who like to cook French cuisine. Peter O'Toole voiced the meanest, nastiest Food Critic of Paris. I ate a wonderful dish in Yarmouth, a beloved comfort food from Acadia -- French-speaking Nova Scotia -- and will shortly filch & post the recipe.)

These numbers 012.3 are the hours into the trip, 000.0 = the Start at the Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak station. S.W.M.B.O. picked me up at Amherst at 150.5.

Harry Beck drew the famous map of the London Underground system in the 1930s. Almost every subway map in the world uses his format for depicting all rider-needed features of the system. Harry Beck lived near the Finchley Central Underground station (also a stop on the Ciudad Vleeptron Underway).

1 comment:

patfromch said...

As reigning Beatles Expert on Vleeptron I could have warned you about that awful movie. And your resumee fits, disneyesque pepole with disneyesque problems sing awful arrangments of songs that were never meant to be sung in this context. Still have to catch up with Ratatouille, it would be the first non-bad new movie I would see this year

Good to know you had a good time in Canada, this country is still one of the places I want to visit, expecially a bench in Toronto, the arctic circle and Montreal, where I will probably be the only tourist to understand french hehe

hey mate, come to Europe next time, see the wonders of the old world (Pizza you owe me not included)

Oh and that laptop with wifi: if it is a Sony Vaio, check back with your dealer ASAP, they are calling back models