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23 May 2009

the future of the economy -- can we see it in a pile of bat poop?

We advise you to click on both images.

Okay I have performed a Self-Assessment and have concluded that my brain is not too clouded over by mouth trauma and painkillers. I would rate today's posts as: 88 percent reliable and rational.

At Top: A spreadsheet. If you get one, believe it. It's a modern form of Truth. It has a bunch of rectangular windows and each rectangular window has a Number in it. No spreadsheet has ever been demonstrated to contain anything except the Absolute Factual Objective Truth.

At Bottom: Friday's "Dilbert" comic strip. The company's Boss is trying to decide whom to believe about the company's current And future financial and market situation:

* a recently-hired MBA (Master's degree in Business Administration)


* a Crazy Old Witch.

The MBA backs up his advice with Spreadsheets. The Crazy Old Witch uses bat excrement to divine the future.

The Boss is confused and torn. Whom should he listen to? On whose advice should he act?

During the 2000 Presidential campaign, a sympathetic puff piece proudly announced that candidate George W. Bush was the nation's very first presidential candidate to hold an MBA degree. (From Harvard, btw, so kick that sucker up another 12 percent.)

During the last two decades, a thread of American politics has suggested that the very best presidents and governors and mayors will be businessmen with MBA degrees, because they have proved how effectively they can run big things and make a profit.

Please Leave a Comment if you think you have found any flaw in this reasoning. Please Leave a Comment if, after 8 years of President George W. Bush, you will ever vote for an MBA again.

By the way, the answer to the Boss's question: Crazy Old Witches seem to have played no part whatsoever in the destruction of the global economy.

I don't know about economists. All I know about economists is that the ones who said the US economy would keep growing and expanding forever received the biggest salaries. The economists who warned that no economy can continue to grow and expand and make everybody rich forever were badly paid, ignored and marginalized.

The conclusion is clear: The US economy will continue to grow and expand and make investors rich beyond their wildest dreams forever. And you can take that to any bank which still exists.

You think not? Are you an MBA? Are you an economist? Are you George W. Bush?

You're probably a Crazy Old Witch with your hands in a pile of bat excrement.


patfromch said...

Incidently this post just reminded me that I have to go to the dentist for a checkup on Monday morning. Apart from odontholiasis my teeth are in good condition, only one hole in 25 years. But it is going to be on the expensive side anyways...and I won't be needing any painkillers. Except for when the bill arives. That will be a pain...

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