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25 May 2009

Memorial Day 2009 / posters from American and British wars

Click on image for larger.

Unlike Veterans Day / Remembrance Day / Armistice Day in November, which marks the end of combat in Europe in 1918, Memorial Day is an American holiday to honor fallen soldiers of both sides, the North (Union) and South (Confederacy) in the Civil War / War Between the States.

At bottom right is a recruiting poster calling on young men to enlist in General Washington's army to win independence from the British crown.


Paul P said...

Nice post - but how could be complete without the famous "We Want You" poster. What most people don't know is that the USA ripped it off from England. The original features Lord Kitchener.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey Paul P!

Great to hear from you again -- but you GOT to answer one or two of my questions about on-line gambling and random numbers! I'm nosy, and you're the only on-line casino I know!

Oh, Lord Kitchener had the role of Uncle Sam in your poster? Not John Bull? Hmmm okay I will check out the poster.

I chose these posters because they aren't superfamous, but seemed very evocative. I particularly liked the public role of women, as war industry workers, as patriotic fans urging their men off to war. I'm an army conscripted/drafted vet from the Vietnam War days.

Always great to hear from you.

Bob / Vleeptron Dude

patfromch said...

The guy whom I accused of being a spambot is correct. Apologies from my side. Google Lord Kitchener wants you, switch to Images and you got it. I even heard a propaganda song along the same lines about Kitchener from the period in an audiobook which I could dig out.

Paul P said...

Spambot? That's a bit harsh..

Vleeptron Dude said...

Don't look at me ... the Swiss guy thought you smelled Artificialish. Also you got through the CAPTCHA thing every time, so you seemed like a Carbon-based Sentient to me.

But you still don't ever answer my questions about on-line casino games and True Dice and Guaranteed Random Numbers. Maybe that's just not in your Script.

Well ... just keep leaving Comments, you're a fun new flavor here on Planet Vleeptron. Maybe you're really Human, but we're still trying to scope out where you are on the surface of Planet Earth.

"Silicon-based or carbon-based, all intelligence deserves our respect."

-- Dr. Chandra, "2010"

Vleeptron Dude said...

In his early standup comedy, Woody Allen said his elevator suddenly stopped and trapped him between floors.

From the speaker a voice asked:

"Are you the guy who beat the crap out of the candy machine last week?"

Paul P said...

Thanks. I like being a fun new flavor. Please re-write the questions about on-line casino games and True Dice and Guaranteed Random Numbers. I must have overlooked them. Don't remember seeing them.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hiya Paul P --

Well, okay, the questions are pretty simple ...

I've never gambled over the Internet before.

But I've dropped into a Live RealityLand casino now and then.

Let's take the simplest example, craps. (But my question is the same for any casino game that relies on an element of Chance -- cards, roulette, slots, etc.)

On an on-line casino, how do I know the virtual dice are True -- in other words, how can I be as confident about your Virtual Dice as I am about a pair of Real, Tangible Dice at a real Craps Table?

Slightly more technically ... your software that generates Random Numbers ... what's it based on? What algorithm? What randomizing source?

ALSO ... (if it's not too snoopy) ... Now that we've established that you're a Human Carbon-Based Sentient Life Form ... where the heck are you? You SPELL like a USA guy. Are you in the Caribbean or Central America?

Nosey Vleeptron Guy

(Nothing personal, I'm nosey about EVERYTHING.)

Paul P said...

It is all determined by a random number generator. It is certified to make sure it is kosher but who really knows? As for the technical details, you're asking the wrong dude. Im still working out how to program the VCR. I'm an Australian who is living in the States.

Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey Hey Paul P --

And you're just in time to receive YOUR kosher certification -- from the Vleeptron Ministry of CAPTCHA -- that you are a Carbon-Based Sentient! (The vote was 6 to 4 in favor of you're being a human.)

I am dying to know which authority certifies kosher internet random numbers. One of the most profound unsolved problems in mathematics and philosophy, and you got some guy in Cyberspace who claims to have solved it and is handing out certificates ... I wanna meet this dood.

Oboy I been to Oz! r u a Coasthugger ior have you been where I've been? I been to Uluru! I been to Alice! I camped where the Chamberlains camped the night before the dingo etc.! I rode a camel! I drank Red Centre beer! I bought a boomerang and a digeridoo (but it was too big to ship, so I never got it)! I rode the Ghan! I ate the Vegemite!

That is one bitchin rad phat awesome continent you hail from!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Oh! And I saw the Golf Ball Factory! (From the outside, of course.)

Paul P said...

6-4? Who were the 4? I'm coming round to kick their *@#$( and then shmear their privates in Vegemite before dousing them in Fosters!

Vleeptron Dude said...

If I *were* one of the 4 ... and I am not saying I was ... could you douse me with Red Centre beer instead?

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