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03 May 2009

Interocitor (hope it wiggles 4 u) / This Island Earth / MST3K / Metaluna

Click top image to enlarge.

Heathkit IN-40 Interocitor

An interocitor is a 2-way television transceiver used by Aliens from Planet Metaluna to communicate with wisecracking American scientist guys on Earth.

WARNING: One of the circular thingies at the top is a Destructo-Ray which the Alien from Metaluma can aim and destroy anything he wants in the room.

This was the first wiggle.gif I ever created, to illustrate a webpage about MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000). The original Interocitor was in the real crappy Sci-Fi movie "This Island Earth" (1955).

All interocitors are sold or distributed by Aliens from Metaluna in kit form, and must be assembled and soldered together by slavishly following the enclosed instructions step by step. The Heathkit Interocitor requires 53,711 assembly steps.

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