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24 May 2009

Memorial Day 2009 / 2 wars, no Change, no Hope, 4986 dead US military / Bush Lite / Cheney's Agenda

US Military Deaths
as of
Memorial Day 2009



I would like to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day.

But I can't. There are two hot, active, lethal wars going on, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our neighbors' sons and daughters are being killed, wounded, maimed.

Much larger numbers of Asian civilians, non-combatants, people just trying to duck and dodge and survive, are being killed while these wars rage.

Asia is exploding with refugees. Refugee camps are the seething incubators of violent hatred of America and Americans.

I'm sorry for the new president. He's stuck with these wars and doesn't have the will to end them. He's ratcheting up the Afghanistan war, and isn't likely to wind down the Iraq war.

He can blame this stereo Asian pooch-screwing on the previous psycho fundie flag-simple moron.

But now it's Obama's piece of shit. He asked for the job. I helped him get it.

He needs to bring our soldiers, marines, Air Force men and women safe home, immediately.

If he doesn't, if he can't -- well, then he isn't running the show. He's sitting at the desk, he's talking on the phone -- but he's not running the show.

Dick Cheney is running the show, Dick Cheney is telling Obama and the Democratic majority Congress what to do about the two wars and about Guantanamo, and torture, and indefinite detention without trial.

Obama is being dragged backwards into Bush Lite, and doesn't have the political guts to be the different president he promised voters he'd be. He promised Change and Hope. Now he's dishing out Hopelessness for our troops, Hopelessness for Asians, and No Change for anyone.

He's an African-American Democrat, but as far as our troops are concerned, and as far as the way America will continue to do Justice and Human Rights, he and Joe Biden might as well be John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Stop these wars, stop the perversion of the Constitution, the attack on habeas corpus, close the detention camp in Guantanamo -- as clearly promised -- bring my neighbors' daughters and sons safe home from these lost and hopeless wars before hundreds, thousands more are killed, or the rest of their young lives are destroyed.

Then I'll wish us all a Happy Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob
It’s been a long time since we’ve talked, but I’m a regular visitor to your mind here at Veleeptron, and thanks for the roaming comments. This Memorial Day I have struggled with the greeting of “Happy Memorial”, because who would be happy celebrating the death of so many men and women. Then it came to me [they died for our illusion of freedom] our greeting should show our respect: “Have a Free Memorial Day”. It may be a little long but it feels much better flowing off the tongue. Let me know what you think at; Always a pleasure.
A brother of space
;~ } - Bill
Hug a Vet. They Remember

Vleeptron Dude said...

hey hey Bill! How ya doin? Can you find my e-mail addie on this thing? Send me an e-mail about what's going on with you and Jacque and the Florida gang!

Whenever a war ENDS -- well, as far as I'm concerned, that's a reason to be Happy, that's a reason to take a day off, that's a reason to have a barbecue, and if you want a parade, well, little kids love parades, so throw a parade. A few years later you can explain what the parade was all about to them.

Memorial Day is a lingering remembrance of the War Between the States / the Civil War. The more I read about it, what it did to ordinary men and women and families and communities, how long the suffering lasted after Appomatox (I spelled that wrong, i just woke up, ain't shot up my coffee yet), the happier I am that it finally ended and keeps receding in our memories.

Imagine your town, my town, for a generation with a third of all the men you knew just Not There, and those who are there, most are missing a leg or an arm or an eye. I read a woman's diary once, she wrote around 1866: "We shall have to develop a whole new concept of masculine beauty." The South and the North got this holocaust distributed pretty equally. And in those days, all the men of a single town would march off to war in the same company, bumble into a huge battle, and never come back.

Did you read this post? Check it out, let me know your thoughts.

If we're trying to cook up a new bumper sticker or greeting card, maybe:

a Peaceful Memorial Day

might express our deepest thoughts best, and get people thinking in a direction that respects the future as much as it tries to respect the past.


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