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14 December 2006

easy PizzaQ <-- CORRECTED / also no guesses yet about the Zero-Friktion Thrill Ride on Hoon

George Fox (1624 - 1691), English religious leader and mystic visionary regarded as the founder of the Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers. It's his fault Vleeptron needs your help to solve this new PizzaQ.

Okay, nobody has made a guess or come up with the Correct Answer about the track for the new ride at Lenny and Spike's Zero-Friktion (and Zero-Insurance) Thrill Park on Hoon.

I was sure that offering schnapps miniatures instead of pizza slices would attract a New Generation of Guessers, the Generation that buys or shoplifts or downloads its music in an intangible, virtual form. (The DeeJays at WOZQ say it's now common for them to broadcast and webcast .mp3s from their laptops and iPods. But they still have nifty turntables to play the library's old vinyl -- Music You Can See and Touch.)

But nobody, Young or Old, is guessing or answering this schnappsQ about the Thrill Ride.

Is it Hint Time? Okay, hmmmm ... well, there's a CH Connection and a UK connection and a DE connection to this question.

And a wonderful arcane obscure very long fancy word that's in your dictionary, but has been in a Word Coma for a very long time.

That's it, no more hints for now. But please hurry up, Lenny and Spike and their new pal AaaaaaaaahnDrayUh the Smith College EngineerGrrl want to know how to make their new thrill ride the fastest and most dangerous ride in the Zero-Friktion Youth Thrill Park on Hoon.

Anyway, Here's a new PizzaQ, it ain't hard, you don't have to take a university course in Abstract Algebra to get it, you don't even have to use the computer. Pencil and paper and wet human brain, that should do it. (The actor Ed Begley Jr. can compute the date of Easter Sunday for any given year in his head, but that's just sort of strange.)

This one's an Authentic True Real World Problem.

For the first time in decades, Bob has had to weasel out of a Volunteer Gig which will fall on Christmas Day. My Team Leader has been very gracious and understanding, and has totally refrained from Guilt-Tripping me (I'm very easy to Guilt-Trip), but I still feel like worthless slime trash.


Our Homeless Shelter Team, the Cookin' Quakers, cooks and serves dinner the 4th Monday of every month.

For the rest of the 21st Century, how often will we cook and serve on Christmas Day?

4 Slices of Green (spinach) and Red (tomato sauce) Pizza, delivered down the Correct Answerer's chimney in the middle of the night.

You can do this. I did this in 10 minutes. You can do this.


Amy said...

Uh oh...might need to get my computer geek husband on this one again...when he wakes up :)

Otherwise I'm going to spend the better part of my day tryin to figure this out manually!

Bob Merkin said...

hey hey hey hey AMY!!!

to the best of my knowledge, Amy and Mike are the only Vleeptron bachelorette and bachelor Commenters who got married!


We really needed Mike's Java help on the Easter Sunday Date thing.

But NOT on this one! He'll be Very Cross.

Wonderful to hear from ya AMY! And You Can Do This!

Amy said...

You're right! (and it's good to be back around again...some freetime to sit n read your blog again without skippin through stuff!)

I thought about this while driving to work this morning...and the answer is...

ZERO times

(Only dates in December that can fall on the 3rd Monday are the 15th through the 21st)

Am I right? :)

Bob Merkin said...

No! Because I stated it wrong!

I meant to say:

The team serves on the ** 4th ** Monday of every month!

(So they ** can ** pull duty on Christmas Day).

Okay have I straightened it out yet? All is clear?

Sorry, I don't usually screw up the stating of the pizzaQs.

Mike said...

Well, she chose not to wake me up. Oh well. Based on the fact that Christmas is always on the same date (the 25th for some odd reason), the day of the week is going to evenly rotate for the rest of the century. This year, ironically Christmas falls on Monday (the 4th Monday based on your correction to your post). It'll happen this year (2006), and then every 7 years after that. So, in order, 2006, 2013, 2020, 2027, 2034, 2041, 2048, 2055, 2062, 2069, 2076, 2083, 2090, and 2097. That's 14.

Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy, because of that blasted leap year stuff. So, 14 is the wrong answer. The years that it REALLY happens on is 2006, 2017, 2023, 2028, 2034, 2045, 2051, 2056, 2062, 2073, 2079, 2084, 2090, and it'll happen again in 2101, but that's not in the 21st century. That's actually 13 times, not 14.

Ironically, it follows a nice, easy pattern. It happens this year, then 11 years later, then 6 years later, then 5 years later, then 6 years later, then 11 years later. Yep, then it begins again. Then 6 then 5 then 6 then 11. Then 6 then 5 then 6 then 11. On and on until no one cares anymore.

Bob Merkin said...

On the Nose! Add 4 green and red slices to your account! The cycle is indeed

11 6 5 6
11 6 5 6
11 6 5 6 ...

so a full SuperCycle takes 28 years.

As we're beginning the 11-year cycle, Team Leader informs me she will be 83 when Christmas Day pops up again, and suspects she will have other things on her mind.

Now get to work on the Zero-Friktion Thrill Ride on Hoon, gotta make that track FASTER!