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23 December 2006

Macaca 3: The weird and vile ideas of yet another Southern Republican Congressman

If you click once or twice and pray, maybe you can read it. I hope so, because I can't find this story about U.S. Representative Robin Hayes, Republican from North Carolina, on-line, so if you can't read it off this image, I'll have to retype the whole thing.

But here it is in a Nut Shell: Hayes was talking to the Rotary Club, and told them America can't Cut & Run, America must Stay The Course and achieve Victory in the Iraq War.

And one more thing. As long as the US military finds itself armed to the teeth with Shock & Awe and occupying a Muslim country, Congressman Hayes ...

... also said stability in Iraq depends ultimately on "spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men.

"Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the savior," he said.

Well, there. He said it out loud. It's official now:

It's The nth Crusade!
Kill Or Konvert All Heathens!

Hmmm anyway I filched this story from another remarkably funny blogeusse, wonkette. (Actually she's several people, which is cheating.)

Look. I'm not much of a South Basher. I know that, in issues like race and justice, my beloved New England and even my Massachusetts have tons of flaws and fuckups. We don't have so Enlightened a historical track record to point fingers at other regions.

But what up with the Caucasian South? I thought these jerks were trying to get with the 21st Century.

Macaca Macaca Macaca and Trent Lott are just spewing and hurling all over the place in public lately. White national politicians from the South are just making public speeches and sending letters on their Congressional letterhead that are just FREAKY! Racist. Anti-immigrant. Muslim-bashing. Jew-cringing. (George Allen got very testy with the press corps when they asked him about his Jewish ancestry, which, apparently, was news to him.)

And now this Holy Dweeb is dragging poor Jesus into this mess. He says the whole point of the Iraq War is for Christian America to Christianize the savages in time for Christmas.

What the fuck is wrong with the voters of Virginia and North Carolina that they keep electing these racist intolerant fuckhead bigots? (Mister Macaca blew it and lost the Senate race to the dark horse Webb.)

Blacks can vote in these places now, too (if Jim Crow Nouveau = The War On Drugs hasn't locked them up and disenfranchised them). Is the NAACP and Urban League in a profound coma? Uhhh ... is there still a CORE and a SNCC? Or did they achieve Victory decades ago and go out of business?

What percentage of African-Americans are registered to vote in New Mayberry? How many showed up in November? Did they vote for Hayes and Goode?

Why are these local Democratic parties slumbering and snoring through this Dixie Renaissance of Public Bigotry and Intolerance? (Goode began his political life as a Democrat, but flipped.) Each election, isn't there a better candidate the Democrats could run against these sick trogolodyte fucks?

If these are the creeps the Republicans are running, and the Democrats have no better candidates -- well, there's a new alternative. Vermont's voters just sent a Socialist to the U.S. Senate.

Maybe it's time for the Socialists to scout out Dixie. Maybe there's a Silent Majority of decent Americans who are looking for their candidate.

It's ugly. It's the United States of America, and it's just fucking ugly.

Is a damn Yankee telling the Rebs that they need to Straighten Up and Fly Right?

You bet. And I have credentials. I was born and raised 50 miles SOUTH of the Mason and Dixon Line! I grew up under Segregation!

And now my Old South is coming back. What up with that?

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