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24 December 2006

weird sheep / heavy ferry drinking / mal de mer / lost miserable Vikings / burning down the house

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Please direct all questions to Bob.


patfullofenvy said...


just take a raincoat and good boots with you. the weather in the north atlantic, especially in Bergen can be pretty fierce up there at this time of year. I am very serious about that. Bergen even has a Rain Festival so you know what to expect. they also have a medieval/viking fest in July$739@ht$738@so=13&bhcp=1
or just plain

and do not forget to tell the penguins and Dr Klopweiser a friendly gday from us southerners and Glenn.

no trip to mainland europe this year, eh ?

Bob Merkin said...

the Rain Festival! Thanks! Don't want to miss that!

This bizarre Expedition on wildly rolling nasty North Atlantic seas was supposed to be our honeymoon 7 years ago, but family troubles made us postpone it. I've dreamt about it ever since. The Bride is a superb fabric craftswoman and really does want to see the crazy sheep on each of these wet cold rocks. I want to see the wet cold rocks and talk to the people who live on the wet cold rocks. Also I'll get to see another hot volcano and maybe a glacier.

In Reykjavik you can take a day trip by plane to Greenland.

Of The Continent -- well, I will resume my armed robbery spree so I can see my buds in CH and PT and DE and NL, also I want to see Telgte and Dwingeloo and Hveen.

patstillenvy said...

Oh man I really envy you. Ever since I heard the Idea Of North I wanna go up there. Greenland, Hudsons Bay, Frobischer Bay or Hammerfest, maybe even Antarctica. I have been to the beach, the desert, I have seen NYC and been on the mountains and glaciers of my beloved swiss alps (Jungfraujoch). But I have never seen the midnight sun or ice plateaus in the north sea. I do know that its bloody cold up there but arent we all gouldian romantics ? What will it be like to stand there, gaze and play IoN or the other documentaries on the IPOd ? Talk about it, dream about it, spinn tall tales about it ?

Have you been to the Vatnajokull volcano the last time you were in Iceland ? Or the geysirs in the National Park ?
Oh, one downside: the Rain Festival is in October...but I am sure there is lotsa otha stuph 2 c