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08 December 2006

Regardez sur ton ordinateur! @ 22:08 GMT French colonial jungle people gonna shoot a rocket into orbit!

bien sur, cliquez ici!

The Ariane rocket, some scantily clad
jungle dancers, the French Department
of Guiana, Devil's Island,
some crazy
thing whizzing around
in space.

If the crazy rocket (filched from
the old Flash Gordon movie) is stuck,
click your RELOAD button
and it should start flying around again.

THE LAUNCH READINESS REVIEW (RAL) took place in Kourou on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 and authorized count-down operations for the WildBlue-1 & AMC 18 launch.

For its fifth launch of the year Arianespace will boost two communications satellites into orbit: WildBlue-1 for American operator WildBlue Communications, and AMC-18 for SES Americom.

Arianespace’s selection by a new American operator and the largest private satellite operator in the United States is clear international recognition of this top-quality launch service.

It will be launched from the Ariane launch complex N° 3 (ELA3), in Kourou, French Guiana.

THE ARIANE 5 "ECA" LAUNCHER LIFT-OFF for this Flight is scheduled during the night of October 13, 2006 as soon as possible within the following launch window:

GMT: Between 10:08 pm and 10:51 pm on December 8, 2006.
PARIS: Between 11:08 pm and 11:51 pm on December 8, 2006.
WASHINGTON: Between 05:08 pm and 05:51 pm on December 8, 2006.
KOUROU: Between 07:08 pm and 07:51 pm on December 8, 2006.

Follow the launch live on the internet:


(Starting 20 minutes before lift-off).

Video streaming will be available in RealMedia and WindowsMedia formats.

La Revue d’Aptitude au Lancement (RAL) s’est d?roul?e le mercredi 6 d?cembre ? Kourou et a autoris? les op?rations de chronologie pour le Vol Ariane 5 ECA -- WildBlue-1 et AMC 18. Pour son 5e lancement de l’ann?e, Arianespace mettra en orbite une charge utile compos?e du satellite WildBlue-1 pour l’op?rateur am?ricain WildBlue Communications et du satellite AMC 18 pour l’op?rateur am?ricain SES Americom.

Le lancement sera effectu? depuis l'Ensemble de Lancement Ariane n° 3 (ELA 3) ? Kourou en Guyane fran?aise.

Le d?collage du lanceur Ariane 5 ECA est pr?vu le plus t?t possible dans la fen?tre de lancement suivante :

GMT : De 22h08 ? 22h51 le 8 d?cembre 2006.
PARIS : De 23h08 ? 23h51 le 8 d?cembre 2006.
WASHINGTON : De 17h08 ? 17h51 le 8 d?cembre 2006.
KOUROU : De 19h08 ? 19h51 le 8 d?cembre 2006.

Suivez le lancement en direct sur Internet :
(Diffusion ? partir de H-20 mn).

Des flux aux formats RealMedia et WindowsMedia seront disponibles.

Vous pouvez vous d?sinscrire de cette liste de diffusion ? tout moment en cliquant sur ce lien :

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