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31 December 2006

Happy New Year! / Publicke Notice

Vleeptron will be closed for a few days
so we can go see this.
(When you get there, click to hear sound clip.)

Happy New Year to All!
A better 2007!
More Love! More Beauty!
More Adventures! More peace!


despicableteacher said...

I am green with envy! I hope you enjoyed!

Its_Really_Bob said...

Hi Hi Hi DespicableTeacher --

This production of Magic Flute was so gorgeous and thrilling that I am CERTAIN it will travel to Europe, so you'll get your chance.

(You read that the Berlin production got nervous about controversy and cancelled -- boo!)

meanwhile ... HELP!!! my computer is in the hospital, I'm using my wife's computer, I can do e-mail like this, but I can't post to VleeptronZ ! Everybody pray that my computer gets fixed by Monday!

DespicableTeacher I am sorry I have been such a bad correspondent and have missed 6 Jewish Holidays. (But we used the wiggle .gif I posted to light the Hanukkah candles in the correct order.)

In New York City I gave 3 taxi drivers heart attacks by wishing them Eid Mubarak.

Back To Basics! The singers in Magic Flute really sang, they did not use microphones or amplifications. And the magnificent visual effects weren't done by computers or machines -- but by PUPPETEERS ruuning around in the shadows all dressed in Ninja black! The designer was the woman who put Disney's "Lion King" on the stage, and before that she was assistant to the German guy (he escaped from der Ost) who founded the amazing summer festival of puppetry and papier mache giant creatures on stilts in Vermont called "Bread and Puppets."

I loved every note of Magic Flute! What a great way to end Mozart's 250th Birthday!

But I don't understand ... I have this strange feeling ... I want to join the Freemasons ...

Libby Spencer said...

Sounds fab. A belated happy new year.

abbas said...

how's it goin bob? wishing you the best of the holidays.

patfromch said...

yow good to see Vleeptron back online ! If you can read scales check this link out. The whole Mozart canon online in digitalized form