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19 July 2007

Papua New Guinea Orchid Festival Tour -- more orchids than any other place on Earth

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Friday 27 July to Sunday 5 August 2007

Papua New Guinea has, perhaps, more orchids than any other country on Earth, with more than 1,000 orchids recorded and new species constantly being found. Trans Niugini Tours will be offering a touring program to showcase a few of Papua New Guinea's amazing orchids in the Mount Hagen area, the Karawari (Sepik) area and the Tari area -- each with its own distinct orchid varieties. The tour finishes in Port Moresby and is highlighted by attendance at the 2007 orchid show.

3 nights @ Rondon Ridge, Mount Hagen
2 nights @ Karawari Lodge, Sepik Area
2 nights @ Ambua Lodge, Southern Highlands
2 nights @ Airways Hotel, Port Moresby

Tour bookings and inquiries:
telephone: 675-542-1438

Some orchids in the Mount Hagen area
(list compiled by Joseph Tano):

Acriopsis javanica
Appendicula reflexa

Bulbophyllum arfakianum
B. baileyi
B. blumei
B. cruciatum
B. decarhopalon
B. fletchevianum
B. fritillariiflorum
B. grandiflorum
B. longiflorum
B. macranthum
B. nasica
B. robustum

Cadetia potamophila
Calanthe chrysantha
C. triplicata
Cleisostoma robustus
Coelogyne asperata
C. beccarii

Dendrobium anosmum
D. bifalce
D. bracteosum
D. cancroides
D. coeloglossum
D. cyrtosepalum
D. discolor
D. cincinnatum
D. goldfinchii
D. heteroglossum
D. inaeguale
D. insigne
D. kenejianum
D. lamellatum
D. lasianthera
D. macrophyllum
D. malbrownii
D. mayandyi
D. ochranthum
D. petiolatum
D. poneroides
D. purpureum
D. rhodosticum
D. rigidum
D. smilliae
D. torricellianum
D. trachyrhizum
D. violaceoflaven
D. wulaiense
Dendrochilum longifolium
Diplocaulobium hydrophyllum
D. mekynosepalum
D. tipula
Dipodium punctutatum

Ephemerantha rhipodolobium
Eria bractesens
E. bracteata
E. floribunda
E. imitans
E. micholitzii
E. velutina
E. xanthotricha

Flickingeria rhipidolobium
Giulianettia sp
Glossorhyncha diosmoides
Goodyera lamprotaenia
Grammatophyllum papuanum
Hippeophyllum micranthum
Luisa teretifolia
Malaxis latifolia
Macodes sanderiana
Nervilia holochila
N. plicata
Oberonia pachyglossa
Podochilus australiensis
P. microphyllus
Pomatocalpa leucanthum
Pseudovanilla foliceta
Rhinerrhiza moorei
Robiquettia gracilistipes
Sarcanthus litoreus
Spathoglotis portus-finschii
S. plicata
Thelasis carinata
Trachoma speciosum
Vanda hindsii

Travel Advisory from Lonely Planet:

General Safety -- No-go Zone

Papua New Guinea is troubled by a high level of serious crime, particularly in the urban centres of Port Moresby, Lae and Mt Hagen. Travellers should use common sense to avoid any trouble -- don't travel at night and respect any local advice regarding safety. All travel to the Highlands region, except on essential business, should be reconsidered because of high levels of crime and inter-tribal violence. This includes the Southern Highlands, Enga, Western Highlands, Chimbu and Eastern Highlands provinces. Travellers should stay away from the no-go zone around the former Panguna mine in Bougainville.

Check travel advisories and news services before travelling. See Safe Travel for updated government warnings.


Anonymous said...

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Vleeptron Dude said...

Hey Wuttisak, thanks for dropping by.

Do you dream about visiting Papua New Guinea to see their orchids?

I don't know beans about orchids, or any kind of flowers or gardening -- but I would kill for a chance to see the rain forests of PNG.

Does the Thai government do a good job of protecting rare wild rain forest orchids against commercial smuggling? Is there a black market in rare orchids either in Thailand or Myanmar?

Tell us about orchids in Southeast Asia! I'm nosy and curious!

cahpesisiran said...

beautiful country with various orchids..

Alex Dyer said...
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Alex Dyer said...

Thanks for sharing such a great research in this blog. I am looking forward to read some more of your information from your blog, keep blogging and thanks again.

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