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20 July 2008

CRUMMY OLD WINE: Buy your Sgt Poiuyt (™) Action Figure now! / the New Romans say: fuck the Geneva Convention for the Treatment of Prisoners of War

Click, yes, of course.

You should buy the Sgt. Poiuyt (™) Action Figure right now so you'll have it to give to your kids for Christmas, because it's going to be the biggest toy craze this year. If you wait till December, it'll be much too late, and your kids will spend Christmas Day weeping, because every other kid in the neighborhood got a Sgt. Poiuyt (™) and they didn't.

If you find Vleeptron's Merchandise Website too confusing to navigate, click on

Talk To A Pretty Girl

and you will be connected to a Pretty Girl (she is geographically located in Terra Haute, Indiana), and she will help you complete your purchase. If she's busy with other callers, you can listen to background music of Celine Dione singing "Theme from Titanic" over and over again.

Once more
You OPEN the door ...............

The Poiuyt exists.
See? There it is, you can see it. So it must exist.

Just not in your neighborhood. The Poiuyt is an Object which cannot exist in our Universe's ordinary 4D SpaceTime even if you have a pair of RealD (™) 3D movie glasses. Unlike your coffee mug or your underwear, the Poiuyt is having a lot of trouble differentiating between its Inside and its Outside. In your neighborhood, the Universe has gone to a great deal of trouble to very clearly define Inside and Outside, but the fun of having a Sgt. Poiuyt (™) Action Figure is that its Outside and its Inside are Ambiguous.

One way of looking at Sgt. Poiuyt (™) is that he is somebody's Revenge for the year we were all forced to learn mechanical drafting in junior high school. Now I guess everybody learns it on CAM/CAD computer software. So go for it, draft a Poiuyt just the way you learned drafting in school. Then take it to the Rapid Prototyping machine and make your own Poiuyt.

I spend a lot of time drawing things with MS_Paint and

This was the hardest thing to draw I ever encountered. It took me hours and frustrated the living crap out of me. Which is pretty strange. It's just a 2-dimensional projection of a 3-dimensional object, or that's what it seems to be. It should be very happy to be projected on an ordinary sheet of paper or on a computer screen. Check it out. From scratch, draw one of these simple little objects.


patfromch said...

From the Geneva Convention

Art 13. Prisoners of war must at all times be humanely treated.
Any unlawful act or omission by the Detaining Power causing death or seriously endangering the health of a prisoner of war in its custody is prohibited, and will be regarded as a serious breach of the present Convention. In particular, no prisoner of war may be subjected to physical mutilation or to medical or scientific experiments of any kind which are not justified by the medical, dental or hospital treatment of the prisoner concerned and carried out in his interest.

Likewise, prisoners of war must at all times be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity.

Measures of reprisal against prisoners of war are prohibited.

Art 14. Prisoners of war are entitled in all circumstances to respect for their persons and their honour
I would like to see the day that the USA will be held liable for crimes against humanity in The Hague (which you are not a part of), no matter if it was for Barry Manilow, Agento Orange or Abu Grahib. Or et cetera


Yup. That's what the Geneva Convention for the Treatment of Prisoners of War requires of any civilized, decent human society.

For these American wars, our leaders have chosen not to be one of those. The USA is not recognizing and is not acknowledging its obligations under the Geneva Convention for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vleeptron usually doesn't have much nice to say about the Third Reich.

But during World War Two, if an American or a British or a Canadian soldier was taken prisoner by the Germans, the Germans treated him in accord with the Geneva Convention. He was fed, he was protected from harm or injury, he was taken far from the danger of the battlefield, and he pretty much had a guarantee that he would live through the war, and return home to his community and family safely. We did the same with German soldiers we captured.

And we did not torture or torment or abuse or mistreat POWs. And the Germans didn't torture, torment, abuse or mistreat Allied POWs.

So this is why Vleeptron has been posting about Imaginary Geometrical Objects, and this is why Vleeptron has been posting filthy porn in classical Latin.

The United States of America, under George W. Bush, has publicly declared itself to be Uncivilized.
We torture, abuse, mistreat, torment, terrify and humiliate human beings. We reject the Geneva Convention. We declare that this civilized restraint has nothing to do with us. This is the way we have chosen to wage war in the 21st Century.

I suppose it begs the question: Are we winning? In Iraq? In Afghanistan?

No, of course not. We're losing.

We're LOSING???? That's IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
The United States of America is the world's most powerful military superpower! We have Cruise Missiles! We have Stealth Bombers! We have nuclear-powered Aircraft Carriers! We have Hum-Vees! We have unmanned Predator reconnaissance robot aircraft! We can't lose!

cf. the Vietnam War. Yes we can lose.

Vote McCain for Victory, watch us escalate, watch us lose, watch the flag-draped coffins of our neighbors' children fly back to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware.

How we treat prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo is the most powerful recruiting tool to attract more people to fight Western military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Bush has chosen a strategy guaranteed to fill Asia, Africa and Pacifica with those who hate and want to defeat and destroy us.

Emperor Tiberius is teaching America how to treat our enemies
(or people our paranoia leads us to believe might possibly be our enemies -- Canadian teenage boys, Afghan goatherds). Jack Bauer is our new pop-culture American hero.

We look back to the days of the New Testament, and whom have our American leaders chosen to act like? The Christians or the Romans?

* * * * * * *


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This blivet portrays two irreconciliable perspectives at once, creating a "lost" layer between the top two rods, and an impossible extra, vanishing rod in between the bottom two.
This blivet portrays two irreconciliable perspectives at once, creating a "lost" layer between the top two rods, and an impossible extra, vanishing rod in between the bottom two.

A blivet, also known as a poiuyt, is an undecipherable figure, an optical illusion and an impossible object. It appears to have three cylindrical prongs at one end which then mysteriously transform into two rectangular prongs at the other end.

Blivet has numerous other meanings, explained below.


Paradoxical graphic figure

In its most common usage, the blivet is an indecipherable figure, illustrated above. It appeared on the March 1965 cover of Mad magazine, where it was dubbed the "poiuyt" (the last six letters on the top row of many Latin-script typewriter keyboards, right to left), and has appeared numerous times since then. An anonymously-contributed version described as a "hole location gauge" was printed in the June 1964 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, with the comment that "this outrageous piece of draftsmanship evidently escaped from the Finagle & Diddle Engineering Works"

Military usage

In traditional U.S. Army slang dating back to the Second World War, a blivet was defined as "ten pounds of manure in a five pound bag" (a proverbial description of anything egregiously ugly or unmanageable); it was applied to an unmanageable situation, a crucial but substandard or damaged tool, or a self-important person. In Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses, Rawlins defines a blivet as "10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag". During the Vietnam conflict, a heavy rubber bladder in which aviation fuel or POL (petroleum, oil, and lubricants) was transported was known as a blivet, as was anything which, once unpacked, could not be replaced in its container. The usage of blivet for a fuel container is still current. A recent request for quotation ('Solicitation number W91B4P-07-Q-0615 titled "Fuel Point Bill of Materials"') in Afghanistan includes a line item for "10 50,000 gal. blivets" .

In various United States Air Force communities (e.g. Strategic Air Command), blivet may have referred to what are euphemistically called "Special Weapons" whose presence are officially neither confirmed nor denied. Usage apparently derived from the original cavalry definition.

In some areas of the U.S., it refers to a juvenile prank, clearly connected with the original military usage: a sack full of excrement is ignited on the victim's porch, while the pranksters ring the doorbell and run. The victim attempts to put the flames out by stamping on the bag. This may also be related to the term's claimed use as military slang for a land mine, not well-documented.

In Naval Aviation, a blivet is the common term for an external baggage container carried on a tactical jet.

Technological usage

Among computer programmers, a blivet refers to any embarrassing glitch that pops up during a customer demonstration. Among computer security specialists, it can refer to a denial-of-service attack performed by monopolizing limited resources that have no access controls (for example, shared spool space on a multi-user system). There are other meanings in other technical cultures; among experimental physicists and hardware engineers it may designate any random object of unknown purpose (similar to hackers' use of frob).

Early versions of Adobe Photoshop used a blivet on the plugin icon.

"Placeholder" usage

The word blivet is sometimes used as a cadigan. In economics, the term may be used (like "widget") for some hypothetical product. Butler Manufacturing Services Ltd, in Longford, Ireland, has used the trade name "BMS Blivet" for over 15 years for their compact "all in one" sewage treatment plant.

Common Southern usage

"Blivet" is often used in the Southern United States as a self-descriptor when one has failed to adhere to a healthy and reasonably nutritious eating plan (e.g., "I feel like a stuffed blivet."). The origin of this usage cannot be determined, but dates back certainly to the 1940s in the northern Alabama hill country.[citation needed]

Alternative names

  • Ambiguous trident
  • Devil's pitchfork
  • Devil's tuning fork
  • Hole location gauge
  • Mark III blivet
  • Poiuyt
  • Three-legged widget
  • Three pronged blivet
  • Trichotometric indicator support
  • Two-pronged trident
  • The Impossible Magnet[citation needed]
  • Three forked, one slot widget (so named by Games Magazine)

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