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12 July 2008

New York City skyline reimagined, fantasized, memorialized

Click on image, maybe it gets bigger.

Top right: The cover of The New Yorker magazine for the fifth anniversary of the attack which destroyed the World Trade Center towers. Top left: An inside illustration; New York City is restored, but not the WTC. Both depict Philippe Petit, who walked a tightrope between the Towers on the morning of 7 August, 1974. Artists: John Mavroudis and Owen Smith.

Bottom left: New Yorker cover depicting friends, neighbors and relatives of King Kong sitting on the roofs of nearby shorter and more undistinguished buildings while Kong fights off attacking airplanes on top of the Empire State Building. One giant ape watches Kong through binoculars. Artist unknown.

Bottom right: Kong attacks New Yorkers with a Super Soaker. Artist unknown.


patfromch said...

and you baffled me again !!!! this mag has the most BEAUTIFUL COVERS I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A MAGAZINE !! Not just one, apparently they do that for decades !!!

Vleeptron Dude said...

I wish Love were Simple, but I am coming to the distressing conclusion that if you fall deeply and passionately in love with something, you're also going to fall deeply and passionately in hate with it.

Someone needs to completely re-write the Operating System of Love and fix this very big problem.

But I have loved and hated The New Yorker for many decades. It is the best. It is the most amazing. It is the most boring. It is the most dangerously wrong. It is the bravest. It is the most cowardly. It gives me unbelievably delicious pleasures. It infuriates me.