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07 July 2008

the Evil PizzaQ from Hell

This one is so ... well, awful, ghastly, horrible, nasty, Evil ... that the Prize is not a few lousy pizza slices, but an entire free Italian dinner (transportation, shipping Not Included, you got to come here or I got to go where the winner lives, winner can choose fave Italian ristorante).

It uses every letter of the standard English alphabet


and the standard English spellings of the words for numbers:

three ...
fifteen ...
twenty-two ...
forty-six ... etc.

So here is the PizzaQ from Hell.

Make this sentence, but correctly.

This is just an example, all these number values are just fake, dummy values:

This is my favorite English sentence, and it contains two a's, one b, two c's, one d, thirty-seven e's, twenty f's, four g's, thirty-nine h's, fifty-one i's, one j, one k, forty-seven l's, twenty-five m's, eighteen n's, thirty o's, one p, one q, thirty-three r's, forty-one s's, fifty-five t's, thirty-six u's, twenty v's, seventeen w's, fifteen x's, twelve y's, and one z.

Now you have to make the same sentence, but with the correct words for the correct numbers for all 26 letters.

Hurry up, I don't have all day.

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