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18 July 2008

unclaimed pizza / the Wazzit by night / still no whack at the Evil PizzaQ From Hell / tomatoes will not kill you anymore

Click to enlarge.

Received by private e-mail a guess that The Wazzit Thing (above) is a new kind of windmill farm somewhere.

Good guess. Wrong. No Pizza. So the PizzaQ continues: What Is It?, Where Is It?, and there is a Who Is It? to be identified, too.

Here is an image of the Wazzit by night, that will have to do in lieu of a hint.

As for the Evil PizzaQ from Hell

This is my favorite English sentence, and it contains two a's, one b, two c's, one d, thirty-seven e's, twenty f's, four g's, thirty-nine h's, fifty-one i's, one j, one k, forty-seven l's, twenty-five m's, eighteen n's, thirty o's, one p, one q, thirty-three r's, forty-one s's, fifty-five t's, thirty-six u's, twenty v's, seventeen w's, fifteen x's, twelve y's, and one z.

(you have to compute the actual numbers of the occurrences of the letters, the above are just fake, dummy values), giving birth to and bringing home a new baby is no excuse, life cannot stop, and PizzaQs remain unsolved, because a baby is born.

It is a cute baby -- and a 9 on the Apgar Score, this child is going places!

The Amazing Occidental Mystic Mathematician RamanuJohn is lying low, not a peep from him, Abbas doubtless thinks it's obscenely mathematical and beneath him to waste time on it. I have alerted a Very Smart Teenager, but no response from him, either.

The US Government has cancelled the Toxic Poison Deadly Tomato Alert, so the Vleeptron Ministry of Pizza can return to offering red tomato-based Pizza. The Evil PizzaQ From Hell is worth an entire free Italian dinner (transportation & shipping not included).


Mike said...

No excuse eh? OK, I'm tired and all, but the buildings you're showing are(is?) the Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Nouméa, New Caledonia. It was designed by a man named Renzo Piano at the request of the French government. It's named after Jean-Marie Tjibaou. He was an important political leader in New Caledonia who was assassinated in 1989.

Hm, there was one more thing I wanted to say. What was it again? Oh yea!

"This is my favorite English sentence, and it contains five a's, one b, three c's, three d's, thirty-one e's, six f's, two g's, seven h's sixteen i's, one j, one k, two l's two m's, twenty-four n's seventeen o's, one p, one q, nine r's, thirty-four s's, twenty-two t's, four u's, six v's, seven w's, six x's, six y's, and one z."

Vleeptron Dude said...

Oh crap!


Please give me a little time on the Sentence, I have to count all your a's and all your b's and all your c's and all your etc. I wasn't expecting an answer until 2013, if ever.

If you're right, I'll totally plotz.


Also love to Daniel!

Mike said...

I admit that the first time I saw the picture (small version), I thought at first glance it was Angkor Wat. Then the baby started crying, and I didn't get back to it until your second posting about it. It's pretty obvious from the second post (and if you go back and use the bigger version of the first post) that it's not Angkor Wat. The real clue was in the fact that there actually was a "Who Is It" associated with it. That meant that there was at least a pseudo-famous architect as the designer. It turned out to be much easier to locate the building by finding the architect than the other way around.

I found it's easiest to check my work on the sentence by just copy and pasting it into Microsoft Word. Use the Replace option and just enter in each letter. When you replace "a" with a space, it says, "5 substitutions". Write it down, and move to B. When you're done with the alphabet, all that will be left is ', -, and .. Only takes a minute or two.

Vleeptron Dude said...

I never heard of this Renzo Piano guy until I posted about the new Paul Klee museum -- Zentrum Paul Klee -- outside of Bern CH, and I really was blown away by Piano's design. Then I posted about the new New York Times skyscraper in NYC and how everybody loves to climb it. But it's quite a stunning building. (IMHO.)

So I went clicking around for Piano's other architectural achievements and found this.

I'll post some stuff about the background of the Cultural Centre, it's quite interesting. It seems to be the French government's farewell Apology to the really shitty way they treated the indigenous people of New Caledonia during the colonial era.

Still counting a's and b's and c's and ........

Mike said...

Still counting eh? Bummer, I wanted to see if you plotzed.